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Rouse-Sirine Associates, Ltd. is suited to  handle all of your surveying and S.U.E. needs.  At RSA the customer always comes first and quality is guaranteed.

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Geodetic Control Networks

  • New York State Department of Transportation Geodetic Control Network

  • Chesapeake, Hampton, James City County, Newport News, Norfolk, York County & Virginia Beach

Hampton Roads Sanitation (HRSD) Projects

  • South Trunk Sections "B" and "C"; Norfolk, VA.
  • Holland Rd. 24in. Interceptor Force Main Sec. A; Suffolk, VA.
  • Army Base Treatment Plant AB100; Norfolk, VA.


  • Virginia Natural Gas (VNG) - Hampton Roads Crossing (HRX) Pipeline

  • VNG - Lesner Bridge gas main layout; Virginia Beach, VA.

  • VNG - Newport News Shipbuilding boiler conversion - 39th St. - Easement plats and layout

  • Lake Gaston Water Supply Pipeline; Brunswick County; Suffolk, VA.


  • MacArthur Center; Norfolk, VA.

  • Harbour View; Suffolk, VA.

  • Spence Crossing; Virginia Beach, VA.


  • Hampton Roads Transits-Light Rail Project; Norfolk, VA.

  • ​V-DOT - I-564 Intermodal connector; Norfolk, VA

After more than 40 years in business, we have completed THOUSANDS of projects in the mid-Atlantic Region, throughout the continental U.S., even overseas. These are examples of some of our past and present work.
​Annual Surveying Services Contracts
  • City of Virginia Beach
  • City of Hampton
  • James City County
  • Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority
  • Virginia Department of Transportation Surveying/ Photogrammetry Services for the Hampton Roads District

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